Bagel Platter
A dozen Plain or Everything  bagels on a platter with cream cheese and/or butter

Smoked Salmon Platter
A pound of smoked salmon with cucumbers, shaved red onion, capers and tomato

Latke Platter
A dozen potato latke with sour cream and/or apple sauce

Egg Sandwich Platter
6 sandwiches… $31.50
12 sandwiches… $63.00
Add Extra Sandwich $5.25
Add bacon, ham, avocado.. $1.00 (per sandwich)


Sandwich Platter
10 sandwiches cut in half and arranged on a platter

Big Ol’ Salad
(serves 8-10 people)
Chopped romaine, cucs, tomato, carrot, shaved radish, red onion
Choice of Dressing:
Caesar, Oil & Vinegar, Balsamic, Russian, Honey Mustard

Big Ol’ Caesar
(serves 8-10 people)
Chopped romaine, croutons, Parmesan and Caesar dressing
Add Grilled Chicken… $20

Add Ons

Chips and Pickles
10 bags of chips and pickles.
Sea Salt / Sour Cream / Sweet Potato / Bacon Cheddar

(serves 8-10 people)
Crunchy coleslaw tossed in a sweet and tangy dressing

Soup and Bread
$3.50 a serving

Homemade Potato Knish with sour cream and/or mustard
$4 each

Box of Coffee
(8 12oz. portions)
96oz box of decaf or Sumatra coffee
Cups, sugars, stirrers, and creamers included